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Teacups and Bumblebees

5 Jul

This cake is definitely one of my favorites to date. I first made the stacking teacups cake for my youngest daughter, Natalia’s first birthday. I especially love the design and the combination of colors. The cake has been such a hit with clients that I often get requests for “the cake that started it all.” You can read the related story here: The Cake Started It All

Each stacking teacups cake I made for each client just varied with the colors and the additional toppers, like with this cake, she wanted bumblebees everywhere.

She wanted her mini-cupcakes to have a garden theme, like that of Natalia’s, but with bumblebee toppers too.

The stacking teacups cake is also featured in my business card because it embodies the sort of cake that I want Coco Cakes to be known for –creative, bright, fun, unique and detailed.