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Best Beach Cupcakes

12 Aug

Making these cupcakes was the most fun I’ve had in cake decorating.

Beach Cupcakes

It was also the most challenging. It took me one whole day to make the gum paste cake toppers and half a day to decorate the cupcakes. It wasn’t really hard to make the toppers. You just need patience, steady hands and a lot of imagination. I guess it was the perfectionist in me that made it taxing.

Perfect slippers
Perfect Sandcastle & Perfect Goggles
I wanted perfect goggles, perfect sunglasses, perfect slippers, the perfect sandcastle …everything perfect. When I finished with the cake toppers, it was effortless decorating the cupcakes. The first set of cupcakes had green buttercream icing with a grass effect to have the look of a garden. The second set had nude colored buttercream icing with muscovado sugar on top to resemble the sandy beach. And the last set was made of aqua blue buttercream icing with silver edible decorating balls to make it look like the glistening sea.
The glistening sea

When I was done decorating, I just arranged them side by side in a wooden tray to make it look like one big rectangular cake.