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Rainbows and Butterflies

7 Sep

This is another one of my favorite cakes. Obviously, all my cakes are pretty much my favorite. It’s really hard for me to choose just one among many beautiful things. Like I don’t have a favorite color. It changes every month, or every week, or is it every day? Like for a wallet color, my favorite would be a red or orange. For notebooks, I usually prefer black or something with  nice print. For pens, I usually buy all colors but the one I use most is the chocolate brown.

My friend once told me that when everything is your favorite then nothing is your favorite. I guess that makes sense for other things, but my cakes are like my babies, they’re all uniquely special. And this Rainbows and Butterflies cake is one of them.

Pastel Butterflies

This cake had one layer of chocolate and one layer of chocolate chip while the top a dummy layer which had to be light. My friend, Christine, said she loved the chocolate chip cake! I agree with her. I love chocolate chip cake too, my second favorite after banana chocolate chip. Another example of my many favorites.

Violet's 1st birthday cake

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Check out her reply:

More than enjoying decorating it’s really a great feeling when I know I’ve contributed to the success of someone’s celebration! I know how much effort you put into making your family’s moment special, so I love it when my cakes fit in perfectly. Some of you know that feeling. I know you mom’s know what I mean. It’s that feeling when your children love your cooking, or tell you they love you. It’s knowing that you’re appreciated.

And I just want to thank all of you for appreciating my work. You don’t know how encouraging each “like” or comment or email or message has been. I’m so grateful to God for readers like you who are generous with your kind words. It makes me want to get better with each cake, knowing that there are people like you who send me rainbows and butterflies in return.