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Thank You!

26 Jul

800+ fans on Facebook and growing and more than 1000 monthly visits to ilovecococakes.wordpress.com, it’s really overwhelming for me. I know that these numbers may not be significant compared to the web celebs out there, but they’re huge for me because they represent my own personal breakthroughs and answered prayers. And I know this is just the start.

I want to say “Thank you!” to my friends and all of you who visit my site, follow me on Twitter, and like Coco Cakes on Facebook. Thank you for appreciating my work. Your encouragement has helped motivate me to persevere. A big big big “Thank you!” to everyone who has ordered a Coco Cake! I’m not a businesswoman but I do know every business has to earn its keep. You’ve helped turn my passion into life’s work. I’m so glad for the privilege to make your moments even sweeter.

Most of all, I want to thank my Father in heaven, who has been so kind to me. Thank You Father for giving me Coco Cakes. I’m so humbled by your kindness to me despite all my mistakes.

Thank you again everyone! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!