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Sleeping Beauty Anika

26 Jan
My friend’s daughter wanted a plain barbie cake at first. When she found out I was planning to make her a 3D Barbie cake, she asked if it could look like Princess Aurora, the princess from the Disney movie The Sleeping Beauty. I like it when kids are decisive that way. The blonde Barbie topper was not available but her dress was inspired by Princess Aurora’s dress, hence a brunette Sleeping Beauty.

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Easy Dinosaur Cake

12 Aug

This dinosaur cake was one of the easiest cakes I’ve made. It may look tedious and complicated but it actually is very simple and easy to make. I started by baking chocolate pound cake using a 3D lamb cake pan. When the cake is cool enough to touch, I carved it out to make it look like a dinosaur. And since a lamb doesn’t really have a long tail, I had to improvise and make my own. I baked the remaining cake batter in a small loaf pan. And in the same manner when it was cool to touch, I shaped it into a dinosaur’s tail. I attached it to the body by spreading buttercream icing in between the two shapes. I, then, covered the dinosaur cake with green fondant. I used my hands to smooth the edges out to make the fondant hug the curves and arches of the dinosaur’s body and tail.

Dinosaur Cake
To make it look like a real dinosaur, I added the eyes, mouth, hands, feet, the spikes and spots on his back using fondant too. I made 2 small indentations for the nose.  I decorated the cake board by putting grass using green buttercream icing. For the final touches, I added the royal icing Happy Birthday sign, the plastic balloons and the party hat, which I just made using gift wrapping paper. Voila! A 3D dinosaur cake.
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