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Army Tank Cake

5 Aug

My two boys would have enjoyed watching me make this cake.

They didn’t realize that I was making a tank when I was sculpting the cake. If they had known, they would’ve stayed and watched…and helped for sure. Gone are the Play-Doh days. They’re now into anything about soldiers, G.I. Joes, Nerf guns and Modern Warfare. Boys will be boys.

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Angry Birds and Plant vs. Zombies Cupcakes

19 May
I got an order for a dozen Banana Chocolate Chip cupcakes with half Angry Birds toppers and half Plants vs. Zombies toppers. I tried my new vanilla bean paste for the buttercream icing and it really does taste different! Yummy!!!
Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
Vanilla Buttercream Icing
(with vanilla bean paste) 
Andres helped me make the green buttercream icing for the grass, using my new vanilla bean paste. The authentic one really does taste better than imitation vanilla extracts. The taste is really different. I remember hearing once a saying that goes, “You’ll never really know the real thing until you’ve tried it.” The buttercream icing that I used to make with the vanilla powder tasted good to me already. I actually thought it was perfect. But after tasting the buttercream icing with the vanilla bean paste, I realized the difference. And from now on, I won’t be settling for anything less. A fake can never replace the real thing. Hmmm… I should write more on this. The point is don’t settle for anything less than the real thing!
He wanted me to take his picture with the gum paste toppers.
Anyway, I also tested the new Bondi pack of the Hipstamatic Camera app in my iPhone and the pictures turned out great! Looks very professional…

Happy Birthday, Manolo!!!

Davi’s Soccer Ball

11 May
This is adorable, little Davi. 
He loves soccer and he loves balls.
Me & adorable Davi
His soccer ball cake is a butter pound cake.
Soccer Ball Cake
And his cupcakes are my best-seller, 
banana chocolate chip cupcakes 
with vanilla buttercream icing. 
Soccer Cupcakes
I set the cake in the middle of the row of cupcakes. This made it look 
like the soccer ball was nestled on top of the grass
Me & Davi beside his cake and cupcakes