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Army Tank Cake

5 Aug

My two boys would have enjoyed watching me make this cake.

They didn’t realize that I was making a tank when I was sculpting the cake. If they had known, they would’ve stayed and watched…and helped for sure. Gone are the Play-Doh days. They’re now into anything about soldiers, G.I. Joes, Nerf guns and Modern Warfare. Boys will be boys.

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The Cake That Started It All

15 Jun

I remember my mom having two kitchens in our old home. She had a cooking kitchen and a baking kitchen. The baking kitchen was my favorite place in the house, just second to my room. It wasn’t fancy or anything, but to a 6-year old, it was heaven. My mom had everything one could possibly need in home baking. My dad, himself, made my mom a baking table complete with all the shelves, drawers and cabinets she needed for her gadgets and tools. This became my playground. I started with measuring dry ingredients then went on to cracking eggs and before you knew it, I was baking brownies and cookies from scratch. In that tiny little kitchen was where my love affair with baking started.

Inspired by my mom’s love for baking and my dad’s interest in building things, I learned how to do things using my hands. I loved everything crafty..anything that has to do with creating beautiful things out of ordinary objects. This hobby spilled over to all my kids’ birthday parties, I really wanted to make their cakes  myself (some of their giveaways and decors, too). For my boys, I made a racetrack cake for my eldest, Lucas, and 6 sports balls for my second, Andres. At that time, baking was just something I liked to do. It didn’t cross my mind I could actually earn something from my passion.

Until my daughter Natalia’s birthday, I made her a stacking teacups cake.

Natalia's Stacking Tea Cups

My theme for her party was Alice in Wonderland. This cake was the one that started it all…my baking business, that is. After her party, I started getting orders and since then, everything just started falling into place. What once was a hobby is now a dream job, and with the support and encouragement of my family and friends, I started Coco Cakes. I wouldn’t have had the guts to push through with it, if not for their help or probing. I am thankful for all of them! I don’t want to turn this into a “woman power” post, but I do want to remind us ladies that we have so many God-given gifts, talents, and opportunities, and we don’t need a guy to approve or affirm us before we try something. We can step out in faith and trust that as we use our gifts wisely, He will bless the work of our hands.

So just follow the dream He has for you, you never know, just like Natalia’s cake, it might be the start of something amazing.

The Sailor, Miss Kitty and The Jungle

8 Aug
What I thought would be a pretty normal weekend with 3 parties turned out to be the busiest week I have ever had. I got orders to make a sailboat cake, Hello Kitty cupcakes, and a jungle cake with matching mini-cupcakes all for one weekend. Remember, no one helps me bake or decorate. It is all me. These 3 cakes together was my biggest challenge, so far.
It started with a 10″ chocolate cake covered with cerulean fondant icing. I made a sailboat using navy blue, white and red gum paste. I decorated it with an anchor, a lifesave and real shells. I used sea blue buttercream icing to make waves under the boat and a shell border around the edge of the cake. I added a happy birthday banner at the back.
The Sailor