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The Only Sushi I’ll Eat…For Now

3 Oct

I really ENJOYED making these toppers.

You know why? Because I never really appreciated sushi, except recently. I had a bad experience with sushi as a kid so I never liked it growing up.

Recently my kids learned how to eat sushi (of course not from me) and they super duper LOVE it!!! They can finish one order of Salmon Sashimi and California Maki each…for their appetizers. They would always ask why I don’t eat them. I never know what to say. I’ve improved though. This year,  I’ve learned to like salmon sashimi.

But THIS kind of sushi I can definitely eat. Any. Day.

I made sushi toppers for a client a few weeks ago. When my kids saw me making these, they said “Finally, mom, you can eat sushi!” Indeed, I can!


One day at a time. Maybe next year, I’ll try the real California Maki. But for now, these would have to do!!! Not bad. Not bad AT ALL!

Topperoo Toppers Now Available!

13 Jun

Topperoo! Toppers are the best way to impress your family and guests quickly and creatively. Just choose a theme, order a fresh batch, place on top of your cupcakes, and you’re good to go. My toppers are completely edible.

Choose a theme:
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Order your own custom set of toppers!

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