Shoe Cakes

2 Oct

Last month, I made shoe cakes for the dads of my two friends. Their dads are twin brothers who are shoe tycoons. They turned 60 last August and their daughters, my friends, wanted to honor them with cakes that represented both of them really well.

We all agreed to make them a 3D cake version of the shoe that pretty much molded their businesses.

One was the EARTH shoe and one was the CATERPILLAR shoe.

This was very interesting to make. I had to do it how shoemakers did it. Part by part.

First I had to carve the cakes and shape them into shoes.

Then I had to round off the edges.

Then I crumb coated them to prevent the little crumbs from adhering to the fondant icing.

Then the fun part! I pretended I was a shoemaker cutting out the patterns for the leather. (I didn’t get to take photos of the Caterpillar shoe, because I ran out of time! Just imagine me, working on the fondant, washing my hands, taking a picture, washing my hands again, etc. Get the scenario? Taking pictures is actually harder than baking!)

Then I covered the tops and the insides of the shoe, and added the details.

Then I made the shoe boxes by covering a rectangle dummy with the color of fondant of the boxes in their stores.

I also added the logo of their shoe businesses and their names.

Didn’t it look fun to make?

I’m so glad they liked the cakes I made for them. I sure enjoyed making them!

2 Responses to “Shoe Cakes”

  1. grechie October 2, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

    nice cakes….kakaaliw ang mga cakes and cupcakes mo… :))

    • Michelle Teves October 2, 2011 at 5:06 pm #

      Thanks Grech! 🙂 You’re very encouraging!

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