Army Tank Cake

5 Aug

My two boys would have enjoyed watching me make this cake.

They didn’t realize that I was making a tank when I was sculpting the cake. If they had known, they would’ve stayed and watched…and helped for sure. Gone are the Play-Doh days. They’re now into anything about soldiers, G.I. Joes, Nerf guns and Modern Warfare. Boys will be boys.

It started with this.


Banana chocolate loaf cake on top of a rectangle cake

Sculpted cakes are kinda challenging to decorate because once you make a mistake of slicing off the wrong part, it would be difficult to put it back. And you have to make sure that the different areas are proportion to each other. But then, I still had fun making this.



Covered with bottle green fondant

Ready to be decorated with details

Almost complete


When I was in the almost-complete-stage, I realized that the tank looked too spic and span, too clean-looking for an army tank. I decided to dirty it up with cornstarch mixed with black food coloring. It turned out really cool.

Dirtied up Army Tank

True enough, when I showed my boys the picture of the Army Tank cake, they were so amazed (and kinda mad that I didn’t wait for them before delivering the cake). They now have an idea for their next birthday cake.


Army Tank Cake nestled on top of buttercream icing "mud"

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