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The Asparagus Cake

24 Aug

My friend wanted to give her mother a cake that would totally capture her mom’s interests, which are gardening and vegetables. She had a lot of ideas and all of them were very creative, like a garden cake or a barrel of vegetables. But when she showed me the asparagus cake, I knew this would be the perfect one. The idea of capturing a personality, an interest, or a moment is a big part of every Coco Cake. Aside from making sure everything tastes good, I want each cake to be memorable by making it about the person more than it is about the cake. After all, it’s the people in our life that make moments special.

I was so excited to start making the asparagus spears. I thought it would be easy. It looked really easy. How hard could an asparagus cake get? Just roll out a piece of gum paste into a thin log, then cut and snip the sides and top for the details of the asparagus.

Roll, cut and snip

But was I wrong! It was super duper duper duper hard! I ended up making over 300 asparagus spears to fill up an 8″ cake..and to top it all off, I had a wedding cake due the following day for a morning wedding in Tagaytay! Talk about a full kitchen!

150+ gum paste asparagus spears

To make the story of a long weekend of baking short, I had another few days of almost no sleep. I try to give myself as much lead time as I can but sometimes, as in life, things don’t go according to plan. I made about 150+ asparagus spears 3-4 days ahead but when I was assembling them the night before it was due, I was short of almost 200 asparagus spears.

I need more asparagus!!!

I had to mold 200 more asparagus spears all evening. I barely made it on time! But I did!!! 🙂 Thank you for my Starbucks Venti Cafe Americano. It really kept me up until 6am.

The cake came out really, really nice! This is now one of my favorites, second to Natalia’s stacking teacups cake!

I made it just in the nick of time!

The Asparagus Cake

This cake was very tedious to make but it was all worth it. The response from my friend and her family was priceless. One of the things I’ve learned running Coco Cakes, is that many times our greatest achievements are simply a moment of persevering away. How many dreams or goals have we missed simply because we didn’t try hard enough or long enough? Who knew baking could teach us so much?

I Believe You Can

21 Aug

I’m overwhelmed – in a good way. I’m overwhelmed by the orders, by the support, and by all the “likes” and comments you have all been giving me. Most of all, I’m overwhelmed by the thought of how good God has been to me despite my many mistakes. I don’t deserve any of this but I’m very very grateful. I work very hard to be a good mother and provider to my kids, and I work very hard on Coco Cakes, but I can’t take the credit because I know that I would not be in this blessed position without the goodness of God and your kindness and encouragement.

Enjoying Two of My Many Blessings: My Daughter Natalia and Coco Cakes by Little People Lifestyle Photography

Not very long ago, I was always worrying, very fearful, unconfident, angry, and just trapped in a situation from bad decisions of the past. But God somehow made a way to change all of that and he used you to tell me a very simple thing: “You can do it Michelle. I believe you can.”

So I’m taking the time to return the encouragement and say:

“You can do it. _____place your name here______. I believe you can.”

Sometimes we browse the blogs of other people, we see their work, read their stories, and think, “What an amazing life this person has. I wish my life were like that.” I know because this happens to me all the time. We wish we were as thin as them, or as pretty as them, as white or as dark, as rich, as successful, as traveled, as secure, as loved, and etc. etc. But I hope that as you read these things, you are not discouraged or envious but are inspired by the fact that you can be just as successful or even more. For me, after living in a cage, I really had very little confidence in myself. I had actually given up my dreams and resigned myself to my unfulfilling life. But I’ve learned that God really does listen, He listens to even the silent prayers of my heart, and now, a little more than a year of Coco Cakes, I’m even more hopeful that something great is waiting for me.

This is why I believe we can, not because we’re anything special, but because we’re loved. So go out and take a step of faith. Live an amazing life. I believe you will. I believe you can.

iPhone Cake Part 2

16 Aug

Sorry I haven’t been updating my blog. I’ve been packed with orders left and right, which is actually a good thing! I’m very thankful for it!

I recently made another iPhone cake. The black version.

And it had different personalized Apps.

B Hotel

His initials

The Bellevue Manila & The Bellevue Bohol


Nike Golf Ball

And the standard Apps.














I will never tire of making iPhone cakes and cupcakes. First, because the iPhone is my most favorite electronic gadget (I know my friend will disapprove of the redundant use of most and favorite, but what the heck? I have different levels of favorites). It has everything I need, from my books, my photos, my music, my emails, my games…name it, it’s there. Well I don’t have a drawing app because I find the screen of the iPhone too small for drawing. Maybe if and when I get an iPad, that will be my new favorite. And second, they’re really fun for a cake artist like me to make, especially when I have to make personalized apps. I get to know my clients a little bit more. And I love making memorable moments even more memorable.