Archive | July, 2011

Teacups and Bumblebees

5 Jul

This cake is definitely one of my favorites to date. I first made the stacking teacups cake for my youngest daughter, Natalia’s first birthday. I especially love the design and the combination of colors. The cake has been such a hit with clients that I often get requests for “the cake that started it all.” You can read the related story here: The Cake Started It All

Each stacking teacups cake I made for each client just varied with the colors and the additional toppers, like with this cake, she wanted bumblebees everywhere.

She wanted her mini-cupcakes to have a garden theme, like that of Natalia’s, but with bumblebee toppers too.

The stacking teacups cake is also featured in my business card because it embodies the sort of cake that I want Coco Cakes to be known for –creative, bright, fun, unique and detailed.

Tugboat Cake

4 Jul

I love making sculpted cakes like this Tugboat Cake I made last weekend. I like the fact that it started out as an ordinary square pound cake. But after the right amount of shaving here and there, adding little details and the good color combination, it became a wonderful not-so-ordinary-creation.

It’s always exciting to see the end result of something that you worked hard for. It’s not easy sculpting a cake knowing that one wrong slice can alter the whole look of the cake. And if you do make a wrong cut, all you can do is start all over again. This was what was going on inside my head while making this Tugboat Cake. I couldn’t make a mistake because I had a lot of orders due the same day. I knew that if I made a mistake, I wouldn’t meet my deadlines and clients would get disappointed.

Sometimes my cakes speak to me, reminding me of truths I learned before. This cake was a reminder that God is also shaping me (which includes shaving off A LOT of things, adding beautiful thing after beautiful thing). I don’t know what exactly He’s shaping me to be but I know that I can trust the Master Sculptor.