Words with Friends Cake

6 Jun

I made this cake for my friend Lesley. It was a gift for her hubby, Tonio. It was an 8×12 lemon pound cake covered with fondant. Like most of my work, this was a very tedious project but another fun one.

I had to cut each square tile one by one..of course using a tiny square cookie cutter. I was planning to cut it manually. Good thing I planned early and found the right size of square cutter. Gourdo’s is heaven sent!

I covered most of the cake with gray fondant and then I positioned the square tiles like how it came out in an iPhone. The most fun part was painting the letters and the other sqaures. I enjoy painting as much as cake decorating so this actually turned out to be a stress reliever. I started decorating this cake around midnight and I ended around 2 am. That’s something I need to work on. I realize I always overestimate my work capabilities and I end up working the whole day literally. But then again, sometimes when you love what you do, it really doesn’t feeling like working.


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