Sleeping Beauty Anika

26 Jan
My friend’s daughter wanted a plain barbie cake at first. When she found out I was planning to make her a 3D Barbie cake, she asked if it could look like Princess Aurora, the princess from the Disney movie The Sleeping Beauty. I like it when kids are decisive that way. The blonde Barbie topper was not available but her dress was inspired by Princess Aurora’s dress, hence a brunette Sleeping Beauty.

For the cupcakes, she wanted the 3 fairy godmothers and the evil witch toppers. I molded each by hand…from the hat down to the pupils of their eyes. I really enjoy doing this because it’s just like playing with clay. When my boys were younger, we used to mold our own play food for our play restaurant using Play Doh. I got them the kitchen set…of course, it really was for me, but we all enjoyed it a lot.
Fauna the fairy
Flora the fairy
Merriweather the fairy
Maleficent the evil witch
Sleeping Beauty Anika with her fairies
This was another fun but tricky project to make at home. The tricky part was convincing my 2-year old daughter that the cake wasn’t for her. Every time I would make a pretty, girly, pink cake, she would enter the kitchen wide-eyed in astonishment, anticipating the time she would blow her cake. Sad that she would get really disappointed all those times that people would pick-up “her cake”. I would make up for it by always making her an extra cupcake, with matching candle and an enthusiastic “Happy Birthday” song from me. Did I mention that she is my number one fan? Anything mom makes is the yummiest and the prettiest…with the loveliest voice to match.

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