The Sailor, Miss Kitty and The Jungle

8 Aug
What I thought would be a pretty normal weekend with 3 parties turned out to be the busiest week I have ever had. I got orders to make a sailboat cake, Hello Kitty cupcakes, and a jungle cake with matching mini-cupcakes all for one weekend. Remember, no one helps me bake or decorate. It is all me. These 3 cakes together was my biggest challenge, so far.
It started with a 10″ chocolate cake covered with cerulean fondant icing. I made a sailboat using navy blue, white and red gum paste. I decorated it with an anchor, a lifesave and real shells. I used sea blue buttercream icing to make waves under the boat and a shell border around the edge of the cake. I added a happy birthday banner at the back.
The Sailor
Second in line were the Hello Kitty cupcakes. That was pretty easy to make. I just needed to make chocolate banana cupcakes, decorate them with pink buttercream icing swirls and put the Hello Kitty toppers on top. My client used them as giveaways for her baby shower. I placed them in clear and pink cupcake boxes with a sticker tag to label them.
Hello Kitty Toppers
Hello Kitty Cupcakes


The most difficult cake I made was the Safari Cake, but I had the most fun decorating it. It was an 8″ lemon cake covered with fondant leaves that I cut and veined individually. I wanted them to look like real leaves. I added assorted gum paste safari animals that were made to look like they were peeping through the jungle. I showered the top with vibrant flowers to make the cake more fit for a girl. The mini cupcakes were decorated with grass-like buttercream icing and animal paper toppers. I arranged them in a cupcake tower with the cake on the top tier and the cupcakes scattered in the bottom tiers.
Happy Birthday Leila!
King of the Cake Jungle
Animals in the Jungle

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