Coco Cakes Has Finally Found Its Home! Online at least…

24 Oct

We have finally moved to our final domain online: Coco Cakes has been such an amazing experience for me. In just one year, by God’s grace, we (Coco Cakes in partnership with you, the best customers in the world!) have been able to not just grow a business but truly make incredibly sweet moments!

My new site will continue to showcase the Cakes and Cupcakes that have made Coco Cakes famous, as well as share the many Sweet Inspirations that come with doing something you love.

Thank you for being a part of Coco Cakes!

3 Baking Lessons

16 Oct

Thank you to Rica Antonio Palma for the photo!

Starting October of 2011, Coco Cakes will be choosing one lucky person to receive something special from Coco Cakes every month. It may or may not be the same cakes or cupcakes but it’s something I’m sure whoever gets it will enjoy.

There are many reasons why people give. Sometimes it’s out of obligation. Sometimes we give out of guilt. Sometimes it’s to celebrate and commemorate an occasion. Even sometimes, and this is the saddest reason of all, it’s to try to impress people. The reason why I would like to give back is simply because I am so so so so so so grateful to God for Coco Cakes. Though it is not without its challenges, Coco Cakes has been a dream business. It’s been God’s way of answering my prayers to provide for my 3 kids and to see my life be involved in something I’m passionate about. It’s been a confidence booster, and there was a time when I was trapped in constant discouragement. I believe that God has even used you, through your simple likes, comments and orders, to show me that I do have something special to offer. It’s only been a little over a year and the growth has been amazing because of your support.

More than giving cakes and cupcakes, since I can’t give everyone something for free, I’d like to leave with you something more incredible that a baked goodie. I’d like to share 3 things I’ve learned from my Coco Cakes journey.

1. He bakes everything beautiful in its time. Actually the verse is, He makes everything beautiful, but I just thought I’d put a baking theme. Like with every cake, it gets placed in an oven where it’s hot and where we’re forced to stretch. But again, just like a cake, there’s a perfect time for it to come out of the oven, and when we’re done with the baking we’re now fit for decorating.

2. There’s more fulfillment in serving the cake than just eating it. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat my cakes. Haha! But the fulfillment for me has really come from seeing you happy whenever you enjoy a Coco Cake. If I had just thought about trying to eat everything I baked I would a) not have a business and b) miss out on the joy of seeing people’s moments made sweet. It really is better to give than to receive.

3. There’s a different Coco Cake for everyone but they’re all special to me. There’s a different role for everyone but we’re all special to God. Some people order birthday cakes, some for weddings, some for company events, some just because they love to eat! But whatever the occasion or the reason there’s a Coco Cake for you. Similarly, there’s a path for each of us. It won’t be the same as mine. It may cross sometimes and have similarities with others but it will be uniquely yours, and while not everyone may appreciate it, I hope you remember to embrace it – because our lives are a gift from God, and even if no one else thinks so, you are incredibly special.

The Only Sushi I’ll Eat…For Now

3 Oct

I really ENJOYED making these toppers.

You know why? Because I never really appreciated sushi, except recently. I had a bad experience with sushi as a kid so I never liked it growing up.

Recently my kids learned how to eat sushi (of course not from me) and they super duper LOVE it!!! They can finish one order of Salmon Sashimi and California Maki each…for their appetizers. They would always ask why I don’t eat them. I never know what to say. I’ve improved though. This year,  I’ve learned to like salmon sashimi.

But THIS kind of sushi I can definitely eat. Any. Day.

I made sushi toppers for a client a few weeks ago. When my kids saw me making these, they said “Finally, mom, you can eat sushi!” Indeed, I can!


One day at a time. Maybe next year, I’ll try the real California Maki. But for now, these would have to do!!! Not bad. Not bad AT ALL!